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European Marble Co., Inc. is a family owned and operated Denver, CO based corporation. We specialize in custom designed marble, granite, engineered quartz and other natural stones. European Marble Co., Inc. is proud of our long history of eminence and sterling reputation. Our quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail has been acknowledged by clients and competitors alike. With over two decades of experience in the natural stone business, European Marble Co., Inc. employs uncompromising craftsmanship with European traditions. European Marble Co., Inc. uses only the finest quarried stones obtainable. Add this with the painstaking fabrication practices, the results are a premium end product that will justify your investment for many years to come. We employ only the finest craftsman to take raw product created millions of years ago and custom manufacture it into a beautiful work of art.

European Marble Co., Inc. is a fully insured and bonded corporation. You are secure knowing that you are protected, and your project is in good hands.

Devron Coday


With over 30 years in the natural stone business, I will be available to answer all of your project questions.

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Your project will be laser mapped for exact fit using our state of the art equipment.

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